Compact, Rugged FT-IR Spectrometer

Period of Performance: 10/15/2001 - 10/14/2003


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Manning Applied Technology
419 South Main Street, PO Box 265
Troy, ID 83871
Principal Investigator


A novel Fourier transform-infrared spectrometer will be developed. The instrument is modular, rugged, compact, and optically stable. Large volume pricing will be less than $4000 per unit. Two months of Phase I effort have demonstrated conclusively the feasibility of three critical technical objectives, generating strong commercial interest. Confidence is high that the remaining objectives will be achieved during the final four months of Phase I. The optical scanning is generated by rotation of a refractive element, giving excellent immunity to vibration. The electronics incorporate a novel architecture based on a digital signal processor, facilitating powerful data processing and sensor network applications. The reference laser is an inexpensive, highly efficient semiconductor, stabilized for part-per-million wavenumber calibration by an inexpensive quartz etalon. This instrument is particularly suitable for field applications, including standoff and point detection of chemical and biological contamination, as well as remote sensing from aircraft. Special versions will be capable of 1000 scans per second with resolution-limited throughput. Commercial applications include a wide range of process and quality control, laboratory research, field measurements and remote sensing. The modularity makes it readily configurable for a variety of applications. The high performance characteristics and inherent low cost ensure a significant market share.