Situation Awareness in "Virtual" Radio Silence (SARS) System

Period of Performance: 11/08/2000 - 11/08/2002


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Mayflower Communications Co., Inc.
11 Oak Park Drive, Suite 200 Array
Bedford, MA 01730
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


This proposal addresses the Army requirement to develop and demonstrate a small CRPA for missile applications, enabling low-cost GPS anti-jam antenna solutions for wideband jammer threats. Mayflower is proposing to develop a small, low-cost tactical GPS array and antenna electronics unit to suppress up to three (3) wideband jammers in excess of 30 dB with a convergence time of less than 1 ms. The unique feature of the Mayflower small CRPA is that the signal distortions associated with the reduction of the antenna spacing and miniaturization of the antenna elements are compensated automatically by the antenna algorithm, instead of expensive calibrations and modifications of the array housing in order to reduce the mutual coupling. In addition, the antenna algorithm will be implemented in an existing Mayflower antenna electronics unit through mostly software changes. Miniaturization of the antenna electronics in a future program by developing a downconverter MMIC and a digital beamformer ASIC, will result in a unique, miniature, low-cost, GPS anti-jam system for small missile applications.