Video Compression for Standard Teleoperation Kits

Period of Performance: 07/10/2001 - 07/10/2003


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Visitech, Inc.
1409 Harbrooke
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Principal Investigator


VisiTek proposes to develop an Intelligent Sensing System for Obstacle Detection and Avoidance(ISSODA) for robotic vehicles. ISSODA consists of a suite of fully integrated passive sensors and an obstacle detection and avoidance software package applicable for a variety of military and civilian tasks. The sensor suite consists of a triple CCD cameras for accurate 3D computation, a color video camera for obstacle detection, classification, and motion detection, a stereo FLIR sensors to allow operations in low-visibility environment. The software contains two major components, depth computation, obstacle detection and avoidance. The depth computation component consists of three algorithms, trinocular stereo vision, motion+stereo, and a fast stereo processor. The trinocular stereo vision and motion+stereo algorithms attempt to reduce stereo vision error and increase the accuracy of range data. The obstacle detection and avoidance component consists algorithms for color clustering, computing depth variance and motion variance, texture segmentation, moving obstacle detection, and a neural network classifier. ISSODA will be designed in such a way that its constituent parts (the various sensors, and algorithms) are all easily interchangeable. ISSODA will be a fully integrated system ready to be mounted on a mobile robot for sensing obstacles, sending warning signals, or generating a 3D grid map with obstacles marked and elevated.