Interweapon Wireless Communication

Period of Performance: 09/05/2003 - 09/05/2005


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

NVE Corp. (formerly Nonvolatile Electron
11409 Valley View Rd.
Eden Prairie, MN 55441
Principal Investigator


A novel method of intraweapon wireless communications using magnetic field transmissions was demonstrated during the Phase I portion of this program. Normal physical wire communication links cannot be expected to survive during and after target penetration. Therefore, various methods of wireless communication within a metal cylinder 15 inches in diameter and 10 feet in length were evaluated and communication using magnet induction was shown to be most reliable. NVE Corporation will team with Alliant Techsystems (ATK) as a subcontractor to combine their knowledge in munitions and fuzing systems with NVE's expertise in magnetic sensors, wireless networks (LAN) and high shock recorders for the Phase II to generate a detailed design using the magnetic communication concept. Prototypes will be fabricated and demonstrated in a 3.6 inch by 24 inch projectile at velocities up to 1500 ft/sec. NVE's high shock data recorder will be used to acquire the data in the test. Communication between two modules at various locations in the projectile will be demonstrated. Magnet Induction technology's advantages over other communication methods will be demonstrated such as it's low power, very small antenna coils/magnetic sensors and its ability to be commercialized for secure, short range Personal Area Network (PAN).