High-Speed High-Isolation 2X2 Fiber-Optic Switch for RadarHigh-Speed High-Isolation 2'2 Fiber-Optic Switch for Radar

Period of Performance: 08/24/2000 - 08/24/2002


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Nuonics, Inc.
12024 Moccasin Court
Orlando, FL 32828
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


This Small Business Innovation Research Phase II project deals with a unique 2x2 fiber-optic switching structure using solid-state device technology. The proposed switch is fully inertialess as it uses electronically programmable sub-microsecond speed solid state devices to implement optical switching suitable for high optical power applications. The switch delivers desirable capabilities in one optically reversible unit, making an ultra-fast, high optical isolation, broadband operation, self-aligning robust module. The switch is independent of the optical polarization of the incident light and uses a unique optical configuration to suppress leakage noise to the desired levels (