A Partitioner for ULSI Synthesis Engineering (PAUSE)

Period of Performance: 09/22/2000 - 09/22/2002


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Edaptive Computing, Inc.
1245 Lyons Road Array
Dayton, OH 45458
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


EDAptive Computing, Inc. proposes to implement and test a Porting Tool Kit for A ULSI Synthesis Engineering Environment (PAUSE), which will satisfy critical needs of USAF Space and Missile Command (SMC) programs and other spaceborne electronics developments. It will significantly lower the costs and improve the effectiveness of radiation-hardened (rad-hard) design activities, through (1) a design partitioning tool to enable automated partitioning of large, complex, rad-hard designs, solving a long-term need as space systems designs grow to the size and complexity of today's commercial designs; and (2) a mapping tool which will solve the short-term need for cost-effective and time-saving re-use of commercial designs, by automatically mapping them to rad-hard design libraries. The Phase II objectives are to implement, design, build, test, and demonstrate the PAUSE toolkit in two iterative build cycles, using a real-world design test case significant to USAF needs. Risk is low due to re-use of partitioning and mapping technologies, with substantial prior development behind them for commercial design automation applications. The results of the Phase II program will be a demonstrated, working PAUSE toolkit prototype, with accompanying commercial product partnerships for a waiting market. PAUSE will provide immediate benefits to ongoing space systems development programs. PAUSE will reduce costs and improve design time and effectiveness for commercial and government space systems designs alike. Its automation of design mapping and partitioning will benefit electronics systems developers, and it can become an accessory to existing, commercial EDA tools for ready use and immediate application. In summary, both customers and EDA tool developers await PAUSE to benefit their enterprises.