Actively Cooling Shape Memory Alloys with Micro Channel Technology (ACSMART)

Period of Performance: 11/08/2000 - 11/08/2002


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Mide Technology Corp.
200 Boston Avenue Suite 1000 Array
Medford, MA 02155
Principal Investigator


Midé Technology Corporation has developed a novel method of using shape memory alloy as a controlled, medium bandwidth actuator. This technology, ACSMART, allows the extremely high actuation energy density of shape memory alloy (up to 2000 J/kg for Nitinol) to be used for mechanical control systems with frequencies up to about 10 Hz. At this bandwidth, the technology is applicable to flight control applications, where it can dramatically reduce the weight and size of actuation mechanisms. The Phase II effort is being focused toward the development of short-life flight control for applications such as guided munitions. The high energy and power density (demonstrated up to 3 kW/kg) of the material will allow for design flexibility including incorporating the actuator in the walls of the projectile, or in the fin itself. Midé proposes to develop an integrated prototype actuator including power, control and cooling systems to be tested in a wind tunnel by the conclusion of the program.