MSUIT - Multiple Simultaneous User Interface Technologies for C4I Systems

Period of Performance: 03/20/2000 - 03/20/2002


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Info Valley Corp.
1027 Valley Forge RoadSuite 83
Devon, PA 19333
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Large display systems are used to visualize related information about various issues for discussion and decision making. At present, only one user at a time can interact with such a display system. Mostly the interaction is via mouse and a keyboard. Interactive DataWall project has developed an untethered solution providing users the flexibility in moving around the display wall. The limitation of this solution is that multiple users are not able to interact with the display wall simultaneously. InfoValley had the opportunity to address this issue during Phase I, conduct research and find a solution. There are COTS allowing users to interact with large display systems simultaneously. The interaction is a tethered one via keyboard and mouse as input devices. However, the engineering solution that the Air Force Research Laboratory is interested is an untethered one. Similar to the elegant solution that AFRL developed for the Interactive DataWall, InfoValley is finding ways to tag and track users and their inputs for a multi-user solution to overcome the limitation. Proposed solution takes advantage of state of the art voice recognition and verification technologies that are client/server based and high-speed image scanning, capturing, processing, and identifying technologies for tracking laser pointers.