Advanced Pc-Based Telemetry Processing and Display System

Period of Performance: 06/05/1999 - 06/05/2001


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

GDP Space Systems
300 Welsh Rd
Horsham, PA 19044
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


This Phase II proposal is a direct result of the successful completion of USAF Phase I SBIR (#AF98-275). This proposal describes a program to develop a next generation "Advanced PC-Based Telemetry Processing and Display System" (ATPDS). In Phase I of the SBIR effort, GDP Space Systems researched the feasibility of a high performance multi-function telemetry input module (TIM), other applicable hardware, PC technologies and software. As a result a requirements document was developed and a candiate telemetry architecture was recommended. A validation test plan was written to encompass this new system concept. A state-of-the-art "Network Centric" client/server based architecture resulted. This next generation telemetry system takes advantage of the latest software operating system (Windows NT) and the latest hardware advances. The software structure takes advantage of the most current object oriented techniques. The proposed system is flexible, scalable, and makes maximum use of COTS PCS and third party hardware, software, and middleware. A high performance TIM module combines a Bit Synchronizer, Frame Synchronizer, Time Code Translator, and PCM Simulator on a single card. Because of the extensive use of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chips the TIM includes the capability of being downloaded with various logic personalities at runtime. This feature greatly expands the flexibility of the system. The proposed distributed processing telemetry system with open architecture is flexible incorporating standard PCs and networks along with a high performance multi-function TIM and COTS support modules. The system is easily scalable allowing it to replace aging legacy systems at a fraction of their original cost. This is a tremendous bottom line cost savings to the government. GDP Space Systems is committed to the development and commercialization of this product.