Optically Controlled Serially Fed Phased Array Antenna

Period of Performance: 11/13/1998 - 11/13/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Pacific Wave Industries, Inc.
10911 Weyburn Avenue Ste 222
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Principal Investigator


Based upon our successful demonstration of a serially fed 1D optically controlled phased array, we propose to develop a 2D 4 x 4 array. This 2D system will operate in both transmit and receive functions and have a bandwidth of 4 GHz about center frequency of 18 GHz. It will be configured for operation in several modes with both long and short pulse capability. Sing our new Ladder distribution network we will also extend this work to a 4 x 4 element subarray. This will be the first of six such units which form an 18 GHz array having a 20 x 5D beam pattern. Several newly developed elements will also be incorporated in this next generation system. Three tunable lasers will be used in cascaded timing modules to provide extremely precise phase control for both azimuth and elevation steering. The use of a second delay line will permit the system to operate at extremely high repetition rates. This serially fed system will require a minimum number of laser and grating delay lines. It will therefore be suitable for many commercial applications where costs and weight are important and yet performance is critical. The directivity and instantaneous bandwidth of this antenna will make it useful for high frequency communication links. BENEFITS:This program will develop the next generation of optically controlled phased array radars which will be lightweight and extremely broadband. The use of our serial feed will open up new applications for the military, FAA and commercial markets. These range from air traffic control to weather radars, vehicle collision avoidance and highly directional communication systems.