AutoLog Advanced Model Development and Demonstration

Period of Performance: 07/07/1999 - 07/06/2001


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Sicor (seiler International Corp.)
2239 Portside Way
Charleston, SC 29407
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


SICOR and the Pennsylvania State University propose to further the technology for an advanced, human interactive, automated material handling/logistics system (AutoLog) or large array robot. The system will robotically traverse large area work. Together with user-centered material handling software and controls, employing advanced virtual tools, the concept enables this large array robot to:· quickly learn and execute single, grouped or repetitive movement tasks, robotically with sophisticated attribute definition and attribute recognition software. 1) cost less than one third to half the price of comparable mobile crane or bridge crane systems while providing ten times the operating range along with significant positioning dexterity and movement reliability improvements. 2) provide remote, virtual "Point and Direct" control of operations. 3) greatly reduce and minimize operator training requirements. BENEFITS: The potential for world-wide robotic cargo handling and logistics applications is immense if the AutoLog system can be shown to be a reliable, cost effective alternative to the present class of cranes and CSS throughput systems.