Cascade Laser for RF Photonic Applications

Period of Performance: 07/19/2000 - 10/25/2002


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Photonic Systems, Inc.
900 Middlesex Turnpike Array
Billerica, MA 01821
Principal Investigator


Photonic Systems proposes a novel approach to significantly improve the RF performance, and drastically reduce the cost, of RF photonic links. The key technical innovation to be pursued in this work is the application of the cascade laser to increase the slope efficiency of direct modulation links. The slope efficiency achievable from the cascade laser should permit direct modulation to enter the realm of performance which has heretofore only been attainable via the more costly external modulation. To establish a basis for commercialization of this approach, Photonic Systems proposes a Phase II program composed of a base effort (II-A) and an optional effort (II-B). The Phase II-A effort consists of three major parts: 1. Design, fabricate and test VCSEL-based cascade with low resistance at 850 nm; 2. Design, fabricate and test in-plane cascade laser at 850 nm with low noise; and 3. Design, fabricate and test prototypes of both lasers in RF photonic links. The Phase II-B effort consists of five major parts: 1. Review experimental performance of both types of lasers with potential applications; 2. Down-select to one laser design to pursue with further development; 3. Design, fabricate and test laser (VCSEL or in-plane); 4. Design, assemble and test link using laser; and 5. Test link in demonstration system.