Instrumenting Embedded Software Behavior via Busses

Period of Performance: 03/02/2000 - 03/02/2002


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Itcn, Inc.
90 Senate Dr.
Dayton, OH 45459
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


he objective of this task is to develop instrumentation methods for Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) based computer systems that will reduce software debug, integration, test and performance assessment difficulties and thereby cost. Improvements in system testing of embedded systems improves overall system quality as has been extensively documented. This technology would produce the core of an instrumentation system capable of monitoring and analyzing all computing elements of a RISC processor based embedded system simultaneously and in real-time with minimal or no intrusion. BENEFITS: Maintenance of embedded real-time systems is by far the largest cost element in the life cycle of these systems. Methods that significantly reduce the time required to understand the cause of problems promise high return. The ability to test a system in its operational environment running at full speed with minimal or no intrusion results in life cycle cost savings and improved system performance relative to design specifications. In particular, this technology will provide visibility into the operation of RISC based systems running in their native environments with minimal or no intrusion that cannot be achieved with current development tools. This technology will be highly portable to other embedded system applications in all markets sectors including Industrial Process Control, Telecommunications, Transportation, Medical, Military, and Aerospace.