Diamond Opening-Switch-Based X-Ray Simulator

Period of Performance: 05/06/1998 - 09/06/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Alameda Applied Sciences Corp.
3077 Teagarden Street Array
San Leandro, CA 94577
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Alameda Applied Sciences Corporation (AASC) proposes to construct an x-ray simulator with 160kA/160jV/40ns power pulses, based on Inductive Energy Store (IES) using an array of Diamond Opening switches as the power compression stage. Because IES achieves power amplification inside the vacuum and in a small volume, the overall footprint of the simulator is considerably smaller than that of equivalent pulse-line based simulators. The repetition rate is also much higher than for simulators using conventional pulsed power modulators that use gas or plasma switches. In Phase I, AASC has demonstrated 2kA/cm on-state conduction and >3.75x10/10(/s opening rates from a prototype, 3mm/2 diamond switch at 5kV voltages. The Phase II goal is to scale this up to 7.5 cm areas (15kA/switch) and (200 kA and switch (160kA into a 1( brems. Load. This Diamond Opening Switch IES driver may find broader applications as a high repetition rate, high average power modulator, for: a high average power electron beam source for microwaves or waste clean-up; a high average power ion beam driver for materials modification; well logging; remote pipeline inspection; radiography of ships and large metal structures. DSWA benefits include delivery of a compact, portable simulator for "drop-in" testing. Other DoD customers, such as system builders might procure such compact simulators for cost effective in-house testing of piece parts and sub-systems. The diamond opening switch developed here is an enabling technology for high average power modulators for use in microwave generation, electron/ion beam accelerators, radiography and x-ray lithography.