The Nomadic Router

Period of Performance: 05/18/1998 - 04/30/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Nomadix, LLC
733-B 10th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90402
Principal Investigator


In Phase I of this project, a small portable low power router was designed capable of connecting into or of creating an ad-hoc wireless inter-network. The nomadic router supports heterogeneous network environments including wired, infrared, and single and multihop wireless digital radios. Each nomadic router utilizes a lower power microcontroller to provide complete TCP/IP compatibility for heterogeneous portable terminals/hosts independent of the host's operating system, hardware, and processing capabilities. The communication coprocessor ability built into each nomadic router dramatically reduces overall power consumption and increases reliability for deploying wireless multihop networks by allowing the host (processor, memory, display, hard drive, etc.) to be cycled into lower power standby mode during wireless communication. In Phase II, we will implement and deploy a set of prototype nomadic routers within a campus size region to demonstrate that the routers meet the performance goals established in Phase I. Case studies will be performed (including complete documentation and results) of different topologies, modes of communication, and adaptability to host and network mobility and failure.