Frequency Agile High Average Power COIL

Period of Performance: 03/25/1998 - 05/25/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Coherent Technologies, Inc.
135 S. Taylor Avenue,
Louisville, CO 80027
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


There is a strong interest in developing high average power nonlinear optical fequency converters to facilitate a Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser (COIL) based beacon illuminator laser for the AirBorne Laser (ABL). A frequency converter for the COIL will allow displacing the detection wavelength for the adaptive optics wavefront sensor from the tracking and weapon laser system wavelengths. In Phase I, Coherent Technologies, Inc. (CTI) developed a radically new concept for a high average power solid state Raman shifter to couple to a 100 kW class COIL. This innovative intracavity pumped Solid State Raman Laser (SSRL) has the advantages of low mass in a compact, robust design while maintaining high beam quality and providing a reduced coherence length for target and atmospheric speckle mitigation. Risk reduction experiments in Phase I will verify the requisite fundamental nonlinear optical materials properties. Furthermore, time-dependent nonlinear optical models and transient 3-dimensional heat flow and thermally-induced stress models support scalability of the design. The Phase II Program will produce high pulse energy (10 J) and high average power (10 kW) SSRL demonstrators to support technical feasibility of a 10 J, 10 kHz deployable COIL-SSRL. The technology developed in Phase II will have significant spin-offs in CTI's commercial remote sensor and tactical imaging ladar products.