Microlaser Based Three-Dimensional Display

Period of Performance: 10/19/1998 - 10/15/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Laser Power Corp.
12777 High Bluff Dr.
San Diego, CA 92130
Principal Investigator


Recent breakthroughs at Laser Power Corporation (LPC) and Specialty Devices, Incorporated (SDI) and their achievements in the Phase I Microlaser-Based Three-Dimensional Display SBIR effort have demonstrated the feasibility of a revolutionary directly-viewed three-dimensional display. By combining an LPC microlaser-based full color displayed fully recognizable static and dynamic images in monochrome, white and full color. LPC has developed red, green, and blue microlaser technology and has adapted it to high brightness, high resolution displays with the largest available color gamut. The resulting direct-write scan configuration displays produce images with extremely small pixels for very high resolution and excellent for viewing high resolution three-dimensional images. Together, these two advance technologies hold the promise of a next generation "made in America," three-dimensional display with exceptional brightness and resolution. Based on the success of the Phase I effort, LPC now proposes a Phase II effort leading to the development of a full color three-dimensional display demonstration system with 2,00,000 voxel resolution.