Compact (1 Cubic Inch) Million Frame Per Second Imager with Integrated Thousand Frame Memory

Period of Performance: 04/22/1997 - 06/01/1999


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Silicon Mountain Design, Inc.
5055 Corporate Plaza Drive,, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Ultrafast imaging is an important need for the development, control and evaluation of modern air-deliverable weapons systems. Recent advances in optical imaging such as speckle interferometry can potentially improve DoD capability to deliver munitions and armaments to targets at long ranges, and under adverse seeing conditions. Moderate density arrays of at least 100 x 100 pixels, and frame rates of at least 1 MHz are required. Ultrafast imaging is also required for flow field optical image analysis for hypersonic propulsion systems. Unfortunately, current detectors are not adequately sensitive, are relatively slow, and are very expensive. Under this Phase II development, SMD proposes to build a cost-effective, 1 million frame per second CCD imager based on a compact silicon imager with integrated frame memory. During Phase I, a prototype camera was constructed using the proposed concept. The Phase I camera offered the ability to capure 16 256 x 256 12-bit monochrome images at 1,000,000 FPS. Under Phase II, the concept will be further developed to provide two camera versions: one camera will offer 36-bit color images with up to 75 frames of image storage and another will provide 12-bit monochrome images with image storage capability of up to 256 frames.