Broad Area Technology Applications for Military Police Operations

Period of Performance: 03/15/1998 - 06/15/1998


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Scientific Applications & Research Associates
6300 Gateway Dr. Array
Cypress, CA 90630
Principal Investigator

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SARA, Inc. has demonstrated a proof of concept, high energy ring vortex (HERV) device to be used as an effective, intermediate force, non-lethal weapon system for military and civilian police operations. The Phase II program, will advance this technology to a prototype demonstration of a fully functional, optimized weapon. The HERV weapon produces a compact ring vortex which is propagated through air at high velocities (200 to 300 meters/second). The HERV will deliver a shock wave and pressure impulse, kinetic energy and additional translational kinetic effects to the target. The high repetition rate will allow multiple shots and rapid retargeting. Although effective in depositing significant energy to the target, non-lethality is assured by selectively varying the output from joules to kilojoules, offering the commander a range of responses. The air ring vortex is incapable of inflicting sharp edge or point trauma. CSULA will help optimize the design by modeling the vortex generation using a Computational Fluid Dynamic code developed by NASA Langley Research Center. MRC will support the design with testing and analyzing a surrogate target to define the damage potential on personnel. We will incorporate the operational constraints and requirements we solicited and received from the end users during Phase I.