Automated Feature Extraction Capabilities for the Development of High-Resolution GEOINT Feature Data and Constructing Correlated Databases

Period of Performance: 11/27/2006 - 05/27/2007


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Cg2, Inc.
200 Randolph Ave. Suite 203
Huntsville, AL 35803
Principal Investigator


Our solution to the automated feature extraction problem will leverage the material properties that can be inferred from combining multispectral imagery with high resolution elevation data or LIDAR data using a trainable knowledge base. Multiple imaging bands provide a more complete picture of the material involved than ordinary RGB. This can help distinguish between a green grass lawn and a green concrete tennis court, providing more accurate feature identification. Adding elevation data will not only help find boundaries between objects, but can help bridge gaps in the imagery due to occlusion and help to characterize materials. For example, a tree may hide part of a road in the imagery, but elevation data procured using radar that penetrates trees or multiple returns from LIDAR could be used to verify the continuity of the road surface. The tool developed will be compatible with the Common Database (CDB) structure of tiles that consist of multiple layers, containing different geospatial information.