Development of Nonanitroterphenyl (NONA) Explosive for Exploding Foil Initiators (EFI)

Period of Performance: 04/06/1998 - 04/05/1999


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Reynolds Industries Systems, Inc.
3420 Fostoria Way
San Ramon, CA 95483
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


The objective of this project is to develop Nonanitroterphenyl (NONA) as a Plastic Bonded Explosive that can be detonated from an Exploding Foil Initiator. Initial testing by Reynolds Industries has indicated a threshold voltage less than HNS or PETN when initiated by an EFI. NONA has improved safety characteristics and better temperature stability than many of the presently used secondary explosives.The program will formulate a recrystalization process for NONA to obtain a crystal size and shape which will result in the lowest possible threshold with standard EFI's.The program will then develop a plastic coating process such that the material can be pelletized in an automatic press for strength and low cost production.