Collaborative Information Environment

Period of Performance: 05/05/1998 - 05/05/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Telemedia Research, Inc.
604 Bradford Parkway
Syracuse, NY 13224
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


The goal of the proposed effort is to develop a collaboration environment to support real-time collaborative activities and distributed synchronous work space and object manipulation. A major challenge in designing such a distributed multimedia collaboration system is how to integrate information that has been created by stand-alone tools and applications, for use by stand-alone tools and applications, into the collaborative environment without loss of presentation quality and information manipulation functionality. Existing systems provide either the necessary features to incorporate existing applications using display broadcasting or use the less expensive event broadcasting scheme to implement a platform to develop new collaborative applications. In contrast, the objective of the proposed effort is to develop a platform that can incorporate commercially available tools and applications into a collaborative environment, using the less expensive scheme of event broadcasting. This innovative approach would provide the benefit of incorporating existing standalone applications with acceptable response times to user requests. Moreover, the platform will implement a powerful inter-object relationship model, in order to integrate the different components together. The platform will include tools to create a collaborative session, to initiate it, and to facilitate and control its execution. It will also include the necessary features to record and interactively playback a session.