ANDRO's Electormagnetic Environment Effects EXpert Processor and Embedded Reasoning Tasker (AE3EXPERT)

Period of Performance: 04/07/1998 - 04/07/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Andro Consulting Services
P.O. Box 543
Rome, NY 13442
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


This proposed effort is for the design and demonstration of a new-generation software processor that applies synergistic artificial intelligence techniques and 3D visualization to conservative E3 analysis methodologies. AE3EXPERT represents an innovative step in the advancement of conservative computer modeling and simulation tools with the application of a knowledge-based approach to discrete EM and signal processing models, and E3 analyses to predict interference rejection schemes for several types of interferers in the time domain. AE3EXPERT applies its knowledge-based approach and related information technologies to support the Air Force's objectives for Precision Engagement and Full Dimensional Aerospace Protection critical to Sensor-to-Shooter electromagnetic lethality and survivability. This will provide a means to more confidently assure the continued availability of advanced military assets and preserve Defensive Information Warfare capabilities for and against hostile threats. To achieve this, the computer modeling and simulation capability is being proposed to study the E3 problem for sophisticated military systems such as the Airborne Communications Node (ACN), Global Hawk, and other Uninhabited Air Vehicle systems which perform critical missions to assure military information superiority, global awareness; as well as to support global information exchange, dynamic planning, execution and management, readiness and rapid response. AE3EXPERT, will assist in providing information for meaningful assessments and decision making. This approach will further support Collaborative Engineering Environment and Simulation Based Architectures decision-making objectives to efficiently and effectively resolve E3 problems for complex platforms and signal environment. This methodology is also directly applicable to the warfighter program objectives.