Miniature Two Color Infrared Detector

Period of Performance: 08/25/1998 - 08/25/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Fermionics Corp.
4555 Runway St
Simi Valley, CA 93063
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


The US Naval 5"/54 gun artillery projectiles provide a robust layer of shipboard self-defense in the medium engagement ranges (between Phalanx and long-range missiles). The capability of the Mk 404 infrared proximity fuze can be extended by: increasing the sensitivity of the current infrared detectors, adding a multispectral capability by using a hardbody detection channel in the 5-8 micron waveband, and interfacing these advanced detectors with a low-cost, compact digital signal processor. Fermionics Inc., the prime contractor, demonstrated both improved MWIR (Mid-Wave InfraRed) detection capability with its uncooled HgCdTe detectors and multispectral capability with LWIR (Long Wave InfraRed, specifically 5-8 micron) capability in its Phase I SBIR. Atlantic Aerospace, which is teaming with Fermionics as a major subcontractor, indicated in its Phase I SBIR that substantial range improvements and robustness can exist for a fuze consisting of two MWIR and two LWIR detectors. Fermionics and Atlantic Aerospace propose to develop affordable multispectral, fast, uncooled HgCdTe detectors and interface these detectors to a previously developed real-time fuze signal processor under this Phase II SBIR. The combination of affordable improved multispectral detectors with recently completed real-time digital signal processing gives an order of magnitude sensitivity improvement to the current Mk 404 capability.