Design and Performance Testing of a Compact 15/1 Compressor

Period of Performance: 03/19/1998 - 03/19/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Thermo Mechanical Systems CO.
20944 Sherman Way #210
Canoga Park, CA 91303
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


An experimental development program is proposed to design, fabricate, and performance test a compact two stage centrifugal compressor. The Phase I preliminary design is based on the extensive experience of the Principal Investigator and other team members with over 125 years of collective demonstrated turbomachinery knowledge. Specifically, attention has been focused on the aerodynamic design that eliminates use of complex cross-over ducting with turning vanes and will feature high specific speed mixed-flow first-stage and a moderately low specific speed centrifugal second stage with efficient diffusion. Compactness will be achieved by reducing the diameter ratio, OD/Impeller Tip Diameter, while maintaining an equal level of performance. The Phase I investigation provided aerodynamic 3D computational fluid dynamics of the inlet plenum, diffuser and mechanical designs, together with a layout drawing (with a parts list) and a Phase II demonstration plan. Cost estimates were obtained for components using the layout drawing in order to establish realistic assessment of the costs for the Phase II effort that will focus on detailed design, develop engineering drawings, fabricate and test the compressor concept. Laboratory set-up requirements will be conducted during the fabrication cycle. Sundstrand Corporation will join the successful Phase I team and will provide significant contributed value and advocacy for the project. BENEFITS: The proposed effort has the potential to improve performance of small turbomachinery such as auxiliary power units, main propulsion engines, and natural gas compressors for both military and commercial applications. Platforms would consist of small aircraft, helicopters, UAV's, missiles, turbojets, turboprops, turbofans, and combinations thereof.