Phase Signature Antenna Drive Diagnostics System

Period of Performance: 04/04/1997 - 04/30/1999


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

AI Signal Research, Inc.
3411 Triana Blvd.
Huntsville, AL 35805
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


ASRI proposes to design and demonstrate a Phase Signature Antenna Drive Diagnostics System (PSADDS) for incipient fault detection and diagnostics of drive system bearing/gear train components. The PSADDS utilizes ASRI's innovative Phase Signature Analysis (PSA) techniques developed for the Space Shuttle Main Engine failure detection. During Phase I, ASRI successfully conducted a Proof Of Concept study through a field test of MISA antenna drive-train system. The results demonstrated that the PSADDS can successfully monitor and identify critical bearing/gearbox signatures along with their underlying causes. In addition, several unique requirements and considerations such as interference of air blower noise have been identified, which would be critical to the development of the ALTAIR drive health monitoring system. The Phase I study demonstrated that PSADDS can overcome these inherent problems, reduce mis-interpretation rates and greatly improve system reliability. Phase I identified the best format to represent monitoring signatures for the drive train components. Phase I used real-world data from the MISA antenna to establish feasibility of PSADDS as a reliable ALTAIR health monitoring system. The Phase II SBIR objective is to build PSADDS for demonstration and implementation on the ALTAIR antenna. A commercial system for industrial application will be developed in Phase III. An effective health monitoring and fault diagnostic system has strong DOD and commercial application including air traffic control and weather radars. In addition, rail transportation, power generation and manufacturing sectors could all benefit from the improved technology of PSADDS-derived products.