Microwave Applicator for Paint Stripping

Period of Performance: 03/24/1997 - 04/01/1999


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Colorado Research & Engineering, Inc.
451 East 58th Ave #2566-288
Denver, CO 80216
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


There are 57 million American homes which have been painted by lead based paint. The Army maintains about a billion square feet of buildings which were built before 1980, many containing lead paint. This poses a major problem in the renovation of these buildings since the waste generated from the renovations is hazardous waste which is costly to dispose off. Containment structures are often required for worker and environmental protection which greatly adds to the cost of paint removal, The Microwave Applicator device proposed here will substantially reduce the cost of removal of these paints by selectively heating the painted surface and removing the hazardous paint. Under Phase II of this effort, CREI will develop a working model of the device to demonstrate its pefformance economy and effectiveness. This prototype development will form the basis for the production of this machine on a large scale for general commercial use. The device will be of use to both army and civilian establishments in reducing the cost of paint removal. The proposed device will substantially cut down the cost of removal of hazardous paints from wooden and steel structures such as buildings, bridges, tanks and hydro-power plant installations. The device will be of use to both defense and civilian sector in cutting down maintenance costs associated with strt'cture maintenance.