Electrically Conductive Metal Silicides & Ceramics for EMI/RFI Shielding of IR Windows

Period of Performance: 08/02/1996 - 11/02/1998


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Quest Integrated, Inc.
19823 58th Place S
Kent, WA 98032
Principal Investigator


The Phase I work demonstrated that electrically conductive metal silicide thin films are suitable for reducing electromagnetic interference while still permitting high transmittance in the 8-12 m wavelength IR region. However, no performance optimization was performed. The Phase II program proposes to continue with the success achieved in Phase I by expanding on the materials-related issues. The work initiated in Phase I will be extended to control the stoichiometry, crystallinity, and microstructures of the metal silicide thin films and to establish the relationships among the film properties, rf attenuation, and optical transmission. Several compositions with different Me/Si ratios will be sputtered on dielectric substrates and heat treated. Resulting microstructures and sheet resistivities will be evaluated as a function of the Me/Si ratio and heat treatment parameters. Mesh design and pattern deposition processes will be optimized to prepare test windows. Prepared windows will be tested for EM attenuation and IR transmission.|