A Cost Estimating Methodology for Advanced Air Vehicles: The System Cost/Technology Tradeoff (SCOTT) Model

Period of Performance: 08/07/1998 - 09/06/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

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Tecolote Research, Inc.
5290 Overpass Road, Building D
Santa Barbara, CA 93111
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The Fixed Wing Vehicle (FWV) IPT of the Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Vehicles Directorate (VA) is developing tools for use in the comparison and evaluation of new technologies offering improvement in cost and performance for future military and commercial aircraft. In Phase I of this research effort, Tecolote Research developed a prototype model called the System Cost/Technology Tradeoff (SCOTT) Model. The following five objectives are identified for the Phase II version of the model: (1) Estimate costs of new technologies applied to a historical baseline aircraft. (2) Provide good relative accuracy for comparing alternative designs, even when design details are lacking. (3) Provide quick answers from minimal, easily attainable inputs. (4) Capture the effects of any technology on all elements of life-cycle cost (EMD, Production, and Operations and Support). (5) Address all design impacts of the new technology.The Phase I version of SCOTT is a working prototype that incorporates three critical capabilities: (1) baseline aircraft database, (2) aircraft resizing modules, and (3) flexible input framework to address any new technology. The Phase II model will be a complete technology tradeoff model, capable of translating any available data about a technology into a comprehensive LCC assessment, with statistically quantified confidence levels.