L-Band Position, Orientation and Motion Capture System

Period of Performance: 06/04/1998 - 06/04/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Lionhearth Technologies, Inc.
25401 Spanish Ranch Rd.
Los Gatos, CA 95033
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


A need exists for a real-time, 6 degree of freedom (DOF), wireless head tracker for simultaneous use by multiple operators in a confined area. The proposed development project will produce a low-cost head tracking and motion capture technology suitable for use with vehicle simulators, trainers and operational VR systems which is much less sensitive to occlusion, interference and multi-path contamination than existing solutions. The proposal describes an innovative means of leveraging the multi-billion dollar investment that has been made in Global Positioning System (GPS( navigation. In designing this system to accommodate multiple simultaneous operators, Lionhearth has analyzed the challenging NEAR-FAR problem associated with all GPS code division multiple access (CDMA) systems and has achieved a technological breakthrough. The novel approach will allow for the millimeter tracking accuracy that is necessary for motion capture applications. BENEFITS: Immediate applications for this technology involve commercial simulators, training systems and movie industry motion capture systems. Motion capture is an important element in VR systems and this project will provide an opportunity to develop a cornerstone relevant to this emerging market.