Field Portable B1BS Instrument to Detect Multi-Multi-Metals in Soil and Lead in Paint

Period of Performance: 03/09/1998 - 03/09/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

ADA Technologies, Inc.
8100 Shaffer Parkway Array
Littleton, CO 80127
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


In a Phase I project, ADA Technologies successfully demonstrated the use of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIES) to detect trace quantities of lead in a sail matrix. This Phase II SHIR proposal will build upon the Phase I effort to develop, fabricate, and test an analyzer for measuring multiple metals in soil and on painted surfaces. A prototype analyzer will be fabricated that will be capable of simultaneously measuring several metals. One of the key issues to be addressed during the program is the calibration of the analyzer using standard methods that assure users and regulators that accurate and verifiable readings are being obtained. Another is the development of a standard protocol for sampling in the field to make optimal use of the instrument in defining the extent of areas for remediation treatment. The scope of work for the program includes upgrading the instrument concepts developed during Phase I, building an analyzer, developing calibration standards and procedures, and testing the analyzer at actual field sites. The upgrades to the instrument feature a high repetition rate laser and the development of a multiband diffraction grating concept. BENEFITS: The Phase II analyzer will have both military and civilian applications in quickly and reliably identifying the extent of contamination at remediation sites. The technology is also applicable for measuring metals in other media such as flue gases, liquid aerosols, workplace environments, and industrial processes for quality control.