A reliable, self contained, metrology qualified voltage standard system

Period of Performance: 03/30/1995 - 09/30/1996


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Hypres, Inc.
175 Clearbrook road Array
Elmsford, NY 10523
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


HYPRES proposes the development of a compact, transportable, turn-key primary voltage standard system. In Phase I, HYPRES exceeded its goals of proving the feasibility of all-niobium 10-V voltage standard chips by establishing a qualified process for the production of these chips. HYPRES is today the only commercial manufacturer of these chips in the world. We now propose to extend our work to build a complete standard system around our chip. The system we propose will be rugged, reliable, transportable, compact, and cost-effective. These improvements result from combining the chip we developed in Phase I with new advancements in closed-cycle refrigerators and with application-specific developments in microwave components. We will introduce and optimize each improvement separately into a base system, leading to a complete design of the new systems. We will then build, qualify, and deliver to the Army a prototype of this new system. Upon acceptance by the Army of this system, HYPRES will make these systems available as a standard commercial product. This product will change primary voltage standards from today's high cost systems requiring liquid helium and expert operators to compact, reliable, cryogen-free, turn-key systems.