Simulation of Optical Surface errors Resulting from Manufacturing Process

Period of Performance: 05/04/1995 - 05/04/1997


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Sinclair Optics, Inc.
6780 Palmyra Road
Fairport, NY 14450
Principal Investigator


This project will create innovative software that integrates optical design and manufacturing. It will enable concurrent engineering involving both lens designers and optical engineers. It will extend the concepts and demonstration software developed in Phase I to support the entire compyer integrated manufacturing program (Opticim) at the Center for Optics Manufacturing (COM) at the University of Rochester. The software will maintain a database of information needed to manufacture optical elements, will carryout basic optical analysis, produce optical drawings, design Opticam tooling, and develop manufacturing process plans. It will have an interface to commercial optical design, interferometric measurement, numerical control, and other support programs that each provide part of the overall information system needed for the success of the project. The development of new deterministic microgrinding and process science at COM have provided the baseis for agile optics manufacturing. To be successful, they must be supported by equally innovative software. This project will create a working program that can be used internally at COM as a test bed for new manufacturing information systems. After its successful demonstration at COM, Sinclair Optics plans to undertake a Phase III project to commercialize the program for general use.