Fiber Amplifiers for 1.3 um Optical Fiber Systems

Period of Performance: 05/16/1996 - 05/30/1997


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Sdl, Inc.
80 Rose Orchard Way
San Jose, CA 95134
Principal Investigator


SDL proposes to develop laser diode pumped optical amplifier modules at 1.3 um wavelength for application to telecommunication systems. While laboratory demonstrations have established the feasibility of using Pr-doped ZBLAN fiber for 1.3 um wavelength amplifiers, the lack of a suitable laser diode pump source has prevented the commercialization of this amplifier technology. SDL proposes to extend its high power M-MOPA laser diode technology to the 1.01-1.02 um wavelength range in order to develop a pratical pump source. In Phase I, SDL demonstrated an M-MOPA pump praseodymium-doped fiber amplifier (PDFA) with small-signal gain greatly exceeding the Phase I goal. In Phase II, SDL will optimize the amplifier design, construct several fiber coupled M-MOPA laser diode pump sources, and build completely packaged 1.3 um amplifiers. These amplifiers will have high gain, high saturated output power, broad bandwidth, and low noise giving them broad application to analog and digital transmission systems. Anticipated Benefits: The proposed optical amplifiers will have broad application to 1.3 um fiber optic networks for telecommunications, cable TV, and rapidly growing fiber-in-the-loop applications. The capabilities of the installed 1.3 um wavelength infrastructure and future systems will be greatly enhanced by the increase in both fan-out and transmission distance enabled by the proposed optical amplifier.