Development of a Support Electronics and Data Acquisition Package for Next Generation Infrared Focal Place Arrays

Period of Performance: 08/28/1995 - 05/28/1997


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Wallace Instruments
25 Wood Rd., P.O. Box 290
Etna, NY 13062
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Wallace Instruments proposes to develop a flexible and high performance drive electronics and data acquisition system that will operate all current and next generation Infrared Focal Plane Arrays (IRFPA's). The system will be configured for use with different IRFPA's completely through software. A key feature of this system is the ability to support the new 1024 x 1024 IRFPA's from Rockwell and SBRC in full frame operation at their maximum frame rates. By using parallel DSP's greater than 32 million pixels per second can be processed prior to storage or transmission over a network interface. The proposed system is designed specifically for field use in observatories and industrial settings. It meets the needs of both the DoD space object identification and the civilian astronomy communities. This system may be operated locally, or remotely through an ethernet or FDDI link. It is capable of completely unattended operation over a network. The architectural and electronic design of this system were successfully completed in Phase I. Phase II work will include mechanical design, software development, and system tests, and will result in delivery of a fully functional prototype of the system.