Novel, Low Cost t'- and m'-Zirconia Ceramics for a Storage Heater

Period of Performance: 04/15/1995 - 04/15/1997


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Materials & Systems Research, Inc.
5395 West 700 South Array
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Storage heater materials are required to have high melting temperatures, good phase stability, and good material properties because of the high temperatures of operation (typically, ~2200C in the hottest regions) involved. Extensive studies on stabilized zirconia systems indicate that the nature and amount of the stabilizer are major factors controlling such critical properties. Currently, yttria-stabilized (containing > 5 mol% yttria) zirconias are the choice of materials for storage heaters. Lower yttria-content t' phase zirconias and rare earth oxide doped t' and m' phase zirconias which demonstrated promising properties during Phase I study will be characterized further for their long term phase stability and mechanical properties at high temperatures. Creep resistance at high temperatures (>2000C) and T-T-T curves of selected zirconia compositions will be studied. Matrix core bricks fabricated fro the optimum zirconia materials will be used to construct a suitably designed lab-size storage heater; which will then be field-tested at temperatures up to 2200C. Representative samples from field-tested bricks will be periodically examined for phase contents and mechanical properties. From the results of the field tests, storage heater lifetime, and construction and operational costs associated with the constituent zirconia matrix materials will be estimated.