RAINBOW: A System for Distributed Multimedia Storage, Networking/Communications, and Multimedia Application Development Platform

Period of Performance: 07/18/1995 - 07/18/1997


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Telemedia Research, Inc.
604 Bradford Parkway
Syracuse, NY 13224
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Four Systems will be developed in this SBIR Phase II effort: - RAINBOW-STORAGE: This is a distributed multimedia persistent storage system with a multi-client, multiserver, multi-disk architecture. - RAINBOW-COMM: This is a multimedia communication system which provides efficient communication mechanisms for multimedia communication. In addition a user-friendly API will also be developed. - RAINBOW-AUTHORING: This is a system possessing the capability of distributed multimedia authoring. It is aimed at providing an easy-to-use environment for distributed collaboration, group decision making, interactive video operations. - RAINBOW-VIDEO: This is a multi-client, multiserver video-server, which supports most commonly used data compression schemes, video indexing and browsing, and typical VCR functions for video on demand.