Development and Demonstration of PC-Based Satellite Telemetry Server System

Period of Performance: 02/19/1997 - 05/19/1999


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Voss Scientific
418 Washington St. SE Array
Albuquerque, NM 87108
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Based on the highly successful Phase I program and technology develpoment, Voss Scientific demonstrated use of an integrated COTS hardware/software technology to decommutate an actual datastream from an operational satellite. Voss Scientific proposes to develop a complete PC-Satellite Telemetry Server (PC-STS) which will be comprised of: a front end telemetry PC hardware box, a front-end server running as a Windows NT system services; a PCI-DSP/Decom board with enough memory and processor speed to perform complete decommutation in the front end; a back end display program capable of the high data rates we will demosntrate in the Phase II program; a Telemetry Specification (TelSpec) Program which will permit user definition of new telemetry formats and importation of existing specifications of telemetry formats; a Telemetry Decommutation program which will read the outputs of TelSpec, and deommute the incoming frame-synched raw telemetry data; and a Main System Database. The decommutation software program wil lhave the flexibilty to run local on the DSP/Decom boards of the Front End, or on the back-end processors, or both simultaneously (part of the Decom is accomplished in the FE, and part in the BE). The proposed PC-STS system will be a complete satellite telemetry front end server with a back end capability for commercial applications. It will also interface with the currect MAGIC back end, but with limtied data rates due to the interface specification currently used in MAGIC.