Infrared Focal Plane Design, with On-Focal Plane Signal Processing, for Multiple System Applications

Period of Performance: 02/03/1994 - 06/05/1995


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Perceptronics, Inc.
21010 Erwin Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Principal Investigator


In Phase I of this SBIR, we assessed the maturity of IRFPA product development processes (PDPs) by modeling them from multiple complementary perspectives. Specifically, we modeled selected high payoff process segments, and developed a preliminary resource model for IRFPA PDPs. We also developed process hierarchies and associated product breakdown structures and metrics. We demonstrated the feasibility of using these models for characterizing IRFPA PDPs by modeling the Dewar packaging process from a process and resource perspective. The Phasee II we will: (a) fully computerize the process and resource models developed in Phase I and (b) create cost and yeild analyses algorithms for the Dewar packaging process. We will integrate these algorithms with the overall process modeling software to create a core process modling and simulation package for IRFPA process cost and yield analyses. This C++ software system, which will run on a Sun SPARC workstation under Unix, will provide key inputs to both the IRFPA Producibility II Program (i.e., cost anlaysis to enable design for affordability) and the IRFPA/Flexible Manufacturing Program (i.e., yield analysis to enable design for effectiveness). Anticipated Benefits: Improvements in product development processes thorugh reduction in cost and cycle time. Increased yielf through optimal allocation, application, and utilization of resources. Potential commercial applications include: (a) design and manufacturing of microelectronics products for workstations, telecommunication systems, and high definition TV; and (b) introduction of flexibility and agility in manufacturin enterprises -- specifically, automobile and commercial aircraft manufacturing.