Real Time, Light Weight X-Ray Imager

Period of Performance: 03/22/1993 - 03/21/1995


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Ciencia, Inc.
East Hartford, CT 06108
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


A portable, light weight, large area, high resolution two-dimensional real-time digital X-ray imaging system, based on the development of an integrated a-Si:H photodetector array as an image sensor is proposed. The first prototype image sensor will have a sensitive area of 8.5" X 11" with 1024 X 1280 pixels coupled to an optimitzed high efficiency scintillator Csl(TI) as an X-ray converter. Each diode element is connected through an integrated TFT to a dynamic analog shift register controlled by fast clock pulses. With a data transfer time of 0.1 second/frame, and a display time of less than 5 seconds, the output data is further digitized, processed, and displayed by a portable RISC computer. The digital image system has a sensitive area and an image resolution comparable to the traditional screen-film combination; the system can have a much higher sensitivity and dynamic range than the existing screen film combination.