Frame/Work: Human Issues in CALS Implementation

Period of Performance: 10/15/1993 - 11/15/1994


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Wizdom Systems, Inc.
1300 Iroquois Avenue, Suite 140
Naperville, IL 60563
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


This proposal describes the creation of a tool that will: assist a manager in assessing the receptivity of a SPO or ALC to the implementation of CALS technologies, and recommend to the manager alternative implementation strategies based on experience in other SPOs and ALCs. Building on the findings of the Phase I FRAME/WORK research, it constructs a model of work group culture within the SPO or ALC, based on characteristics of the work group environment. In Phase I the key variables in the work group environment were identified, and several validated for one SPO; in Phase II, the validation of all variables will be extended to single program SPOs, basket SPOs, and ALCs. This ecological model of work group culture supplies the engine for the management decision suppor tool. The tool combines a self-assessment module, an experience base of successful strategies in SPOs and ALCs, and a recommender identifying which strategies are optimal in a given human/cultural environment. In the course of the Phase II research, we further propose to create a user community whose history of usage of the FRAME/WORK tool will further enhance the experience base.