Application of New Bearing Technology to High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Veh

Period of Performance: 05/11/1993 - 05/11/1995


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Powdered Materials Applications, Inc.
PO BOX 40188
Bay Village, OH 44140
Principal Investigator


During Phase 1, a new, innovative bearing design conccpt named "Geometric Contouring " (GC) for its design configrations, demonstrated its feasibility to reduce wear significantly beyond that experienced in currently utilized U.S.Army bearings in direct one-to-one comparison bench tests. Also demonstrated was the ability of these bearings to eliminate the need for lubrication mainteaance. Phase 2 continues to concentrate upon the objectives of Phase 1, ie. reducing Operating & Support (O&S) costs while increasing the state of readiness and field availability of Tactical Vehicles. It is feIt that the greatest reduction in HMMWV field maintenance will result by eliminating the need for periodically lubricating all of the HMMWV's universal joints, driveline aud intermediate (steering). The elimination of needle rollers and other enhancements concurrently provide considerable unit cost savings and field opemtional advantages. The universal joint (U-Joint) development of Phase 1, GC Propeller Shaft U-Joints, will be completed in Phase II. It is expected that the U-Joints will successfully pass the HMMWV field requirements. Bench tests will emphasize operating the U-Joint Bearings in their normal oscillatory condition, which was not attempted in Phase 1 due to limited funding. The designs will then be finalized and samples manufactured. Samples of GC U-Joints will be then installed on the Front & Rear Propeller Shafts of the HMMWV Demo 3 Vehicle and final field verification testing conducted. The successful development of the HMMWV U-Joint will make possible GC Bearings for the HMMWV Intermediate ( Steering) shaft and for most roller and ball bearings, and all sleeves, bushings and thrust washers applications. Their significantly lower costs and eliminated lubrication maintenance promise a major beneficial impact for all commercial & military vehicles, equipment and appliances.