Catalytic Integral Ignitor/Injector for Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines

Period of Performance: 07/21/1993 - 09/23/1995


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Precision Combustion, Inc.
410 Sackett Point Road Array
North Haven, CT 06473
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Integrating a catalytic ignitor into a fuel injector offers an opportunity to significantly improve flame stability and altitude relight, among other advantages. Previous work by Precision Combustion developing a catalytic glow plug has shown that a catalytic ignitor offers substantially improved ignition over conventional (non-catalytic) surface ignition devices. In this project we propose to use this improved ignition capability to achieve an effective integral ignitor/injector suitable for improving aircraft gas turbine ignition and blowout limits. In Phase I, a modified design of an airblast injector fitted with a catalytic ignitor was made and bench tested. Testing in a laboratory annular segment combustor demonstrated ignition and blowout performance. A study of total system requirements and an optimized design concept will be conducted. These results will be used to optimize the catalytic ignitor/injector integration scheme for engine testing. These proof-of-concept results indicate the potential for improvement based on this technology. Phase II will build on Phase I results to develop and test the technology for a gas turbine engine currently used or planned for use by the Air Force.