X-band, Air-to-air Radar Sidelobe Clutter Mitigation Through Adaptive Processing

Period of Performance: 06/03/1992 - 11/15/1993


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Adaptive Sensors, Inc.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Because of the success of several programs delivered to WRDC during the ASI Phase I effort (X-Band, Air-to-Air Radar Sidelobe Clutter Mitigation Through Adaptive Processing), and at the suggestion of the WRDC project manager, the major emphasis in the Phase II proposal effort will be on further development of the computer programs. While ASI will continue to address space-time adaptive processing (STAP) for the future forward- and side-mounted array radar system as described in this proposal, the initial thrust will be toward packaging and delivering software and PC computer hardware that can be used for the "high level" design and test of sophisticated future radars. Software that has already proven useful to the customer in the Phase I study will be improved in extent and "user friendliness" with the feedback and help from users at WRDC. During a Phase III SBIR it is proposed that ASI further develop these programs (perhaps in conjunction with an established commercial software firm) into a marketable product for use in the radar industry.