An Electronic Retard Sensor for Bomb Fuzes

Period of Performance: 04/13/1993 - 04/13/1995


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Silicon Designs, Inc.
1445 NW Mall Street
Issaquah, WA 98027
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Although conventional mass-spring retard sensors are inexpensive, their poor reliability usually requires the use of two devices in parrllel to assure switch closure. The use of two devices , however, has an adverse affect on S&A safety. G-Switches used as retard sensors in the FMU-139 bomb fuze are currently a major problem area in that program. Their poor reliability is due primarily to imperfections in the machined surfaces, contamination, and tolerance stack-up which cause high contract resistance or lack of operation altogether. Silicon Designs is currently producing an accelerometer that combines a capacitive sense element and integrated sense electronics on hybrid substrate in a single IC package. Because our current accelerometer's hybrid-based construction and lasor-trim calibration method is too costly, we are currently redesigning the calibration circuits so all cercuit functions can be integrated onto a single custon IC. We have also developed an acceleration threshold detection cercuit that can be integrated with the sense electronics. We propose to develop a low-cost electronic retard sensor based on these technologies and resulting electronic retard sensor would be very reliable due to its fabrication using IC technology.