Catface Stereo HMD System

Period of Performance: 07/24/1992 - 11/24/1994


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Ralcon Corp.
PO BOX 142 - 8501 S 400RD W
Paradise, UT 84328
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


A Folded Catadioptric helmet or headset mounted video display system is presented that has a possible 50 X 90 degree FOV and resolution comparable to CGA standards with possible upgrade to VGA or better. A top mounted LCTV is proposed as an image generator coupled directly to a section of fiber optic faceplate material or. A holographically made planar reflector folds the light into a spherical collimator. The device has see-through capability when constructed with conformal spherical holographic reflectors. The spherical reflector images a small LCTV at near-infinity by imaging the correctly shaped output end of a coherent fiber bundle. Full color and stereo displays are proposed in resolutions limited primarily by the available image generators. There are no refractive optics and no dispersion in the imaging train, all primary distortion and aberration is removed at its source by shaping the faceplate to match the distortions. The system includes input cameras, frame grabbers, buffers, and position sensors.