Speech Intelligibility

Period of Performance: 02/12/1991 - 04/27/1993


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Klein Assoc., Inc.
DUBLIN, OH 43016
Principal Investigator


Communication is vital to performance on the battlefield. The effects of speech intelligibility on performance in military exercises will be assessed. we will conduct two studies. first, we will measure armored crew peformance in a simulator facility. speech intelligibility will be the independent variable and resulting crew performance will be measureed. The demands on communication necessary to accomplish mission success will be varied across scenarios at each speech intelligibility level. In the second study, MOS-qualified armored crews will participate in simulated force-on-force exercises under varying levels of speech intelligibility. For each engagement, the speech intelligibility will be set at a fixed level for each force; however, the speech intelligibility will be better for one force than fo th eother. We will measure the point at which the quality of the communication is the decisive factor in determining the outcome of the military engagement. Military equipment designers and specification writers will use these results as recommendations to establish guidelines for speech intelligibility standards. Design decisions based on these performance data will improve communication within military vehicles. In addition, these recommendations can be sued by military command-and-control planners, allowing these planners to predict the consequences in military engatments conducted at a given level of speech intellegibility. Furthermore, these given guidelines can set standards for Military communication systems by measuring performance at fixed levels of speech intelligibility.