Int Demo Sys of Prototype Decision Aids for Atccs

Period of Performance: 03/27/1991 - 03/31/1993


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Integrated Systems Research Corp.
140 Sylvan Ave, Suite 3
Englewood, NJ 07632
Principal Investigator


The objective of this program is to enhance the state-of-the-art of tactical scenario generation methods and technology for Army C3 systems. Focus is placed onthe relationship between scenario generation adn tactical planning, especially in light of common data and knowledge base requirements and inputs available from on-line wargame simulations. The proposed scenario generation module and related components are to be implemented within an INTEGRATED DEMONSTRATION SYSTEM OF PROTOTYPE DECISION AIDS FOR ATCCS--an object-oriented suite of interacting, cooperative functional prototypes for Army tactical command and control. The role of scenario generation, and supporting common database requirements, is established vis a vis current Army doctrine and information-requirement priorities. A technical approach is proposed that includes the design, development, and demonstration of: (a) a common man-machine interface for supporting scenario generation and decision aiding prototypes; (b) innovative "action" symbology to portray critical aspects of operational orders; and, (c) scenario generation software that portrays battlefield situations and provides dynamic updates through communication with a common tactical database, common setup process, and wargame simulation models.