A Rapid Aero-shape Generator (RAGE)

Period of Performance: 07/18/1991 - 07/18/1993


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Aptek, Inc.
1257 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Principal Investigator


This Phase II work proposed herein will develop and deliver a completely tested "Rapid Aero-shape Generator" (RAGE) software package that will help determine and display 3-D, optimal, geometric aero-shape designs and analysis results. This work will include capabilities to: - generate a family of aero-shapes that have identical aerodynamic coefficients to include wings and control fins. - uniformly shrink geometries to automatically create shell geometry definition and solid rocket motor burn surfaces. - plot 3-D missile trajectories and related data. - find the intersection of surfaces. - translate data between the ASD/XRHI database and the MOVIESTAR database. - develop an F-16 model in the MOVIESTAR database format. - provide computer hardware and RAGE software compatibility. Two optimal tasks are proposed that will provide the capabilities to: 1. allow shape optimization capabilities to handle subsonic (and possibly transonic) aerodynamic bodies. 2. use improved MOVIESTAR, CALIPER, PACKER software to complete physical fit compatibility studies of weapons on aircraft.