Composite Flow Casting

Period of Performance: 12/26/1991 - 06/26/1993


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Thompson Aluminum
4850 Chaincraft Road
Garfield Heights, OH 44125
Principal Investigator


Thompson Aluminum Casting Company proposes to use an Integrated Composite Flow Squeeze Casting System (developed under a previous U.S. Army SBIR Program) to cast near net shape production items made of metal matrix composites. Our proposal is to demonstrate squeeze casting as a viable manufacturing process for metal matrix composites in the manufacture of turbine engine blades. Our plans are to employ techniques which will break clusters, improve distsribution of SiC composite reinforcements and eliminate porosity. Phase I consisted of squeeze casting tensile bars of aluminum metal matrix-SiC particulate. This Phase yielded test bars which characterized the solidification, micro-structure and permitted measurement of tensile properties of the test bars demonstrating improved qualities of the squeeze cast metal matrix composite aluminum. Initial Phase I test bar samples also demonstrate that Squeeze Casting as a manufacturing methodology for production items is a viable concept. Phase II will primarily consist of proving squeeze casting as a manufacturing process capable of full scale production. Phase II will utilize Al-SiC particle composite to manufacture actual turbine engine blades using the Integrated Flow Squeeze Casting